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That are free for both personal and commercial use. Collection of the things we've made a while ago, and thought, why not share it. We don't expect anything in return.

Ok, I lost my eyesight doing this, but they are finally finished and ready to be used. It’s a set of very clean and minimal social media icons, provided in psd format, they are fully editable and scalable. Since they are completely free, don’t hesitate to retweet or share via any famous social network, I guess it’s the least you can do in return.
Icons included: Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble, Flickr, Digg, Linkedin, Yahoo, Myspace, MSN, Delicious, Google, RSS, Vimeo, YouTube, Lastfm, Reddit, etc…

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  1. Hendriono says: December 23, 2011 • 12:38

    Wow… Very good icon…Thanks for share…


  2. Pen says: February 21, 2012 • 01:43

    Love your zig zag – have purchsed it and am about to start using it. Wondering if you have a Google+ icon to match?


    • brankic1979 says: February 22, 2012 • 23:13

      In this Icon set Google + is also included.

  3. Yogesh Dhiman says: February 22, 2012 • 22:18

    Simply Awesome.. 🙂


  4. Patricia says: March 15, 2012 • 15:32

    I am hoping you would be able to help me. Can you tell me the social media site of the very last icon on your preview image above? I am really curious. Thank you so much!


    • brankic1979 says: March 25, 2012 • 12:21


      it’s zootool

      ps: each icon has it’s own layer, so you can open this file in PS and see the name of each social media icon

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  6. Web dizajn says: April 1, 2012 • 23:48

    Stvarno super da neko i sa nasih prostora uspije na ovom polju. Pozdrav i hvala za ikonice.


    • brankic1979 says: April 6, 2012 • 13:05

      Hvala puno, trudimo se!

  7. Becca says: April 5, 2012 • 19:51

    This is just a giant image…not individual icons. Total waste of time.


    • brankic1979 says: April 6, 2012 • 13:05

      This is common way of creating icon set (psd file). You should have basic PS knowledge to use these icons (and every designer knows how to do it)

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  9. Jwhosky says: August 23, 2012 • 04:04

    Hello. Love the icon plugin for wordpress but I need one for iTunes to link to a podcast. If there anyway to include one?